A Trap for Nightmare Dreams!

trap for nightmare dreamsRichie the squirrel had one and the same dream every night. A strange creature came to his hollow and stole from his supplies of nuts and acorns. Poor Richie! He lost the calmness of his dream. The days were long and tensed, the nights turned into nightmares. He rushed up and down hoping to find a way out of the situation.

It was a beautiful sunny day; the birds were singing lovely songs, ferrets were playing mischievous games, everybody in the forest enjoyed the first autumn days. Only Richie was sad. Suddenly a bright idea came up into his mind and he decided to ask a piece of advice from Errol the owl. Richie told Errol his tale of woe and promised to give anything in return. The wise owl shook his head and said, “Richie, you need a trap for nightmare dreams. Only the wolves, which live at the foot of the mountain, have it. Try to induce them to give it to you for three days. I guess you have to promise them a reward.”

Richie made his way to the wolves’ tribe. When he arrived at their place he was almost ready to go back but his brave heart won over fear. Richie met the elder wolf and shared with him his problem. Then the wolf said, “Richie, I’ll give you the trap for nightmare dreams. You can have it only for three days. When you return it, bring something really valuable for you and that will be our reward.” Richie had the answer, three gold acorns. He was ready to share them with the wolves, he was not greedy.

That night Richie hung the trap above his bed and slept soundly. No creatures, no nightmares any more. The next day the squirrel visited the owl to thank and gave Errol his last gold acorn. In three days he returned the trap to the wolves and gave them their reward. Everybody was content, you tell me why?

The Sports Tournament Day!

the sports dayThe sports tournament day was on the way, only 2 days were left. The coach made efforts to induce me to have a faith in myself that’s why I decided I would give anything in return. I rushed up and down, trained a lot every day and promised to do my best although I knew it would be hard. When the important day came I began to doubt. I had to run 200 meters. “3, 2, 1, GO!” I heard. I was running fast, obviously, it was not enough as I took the second place. While giving the rewards, the coach patted me on the back and told me to be content. “Things are the way they are! Don’t be greedy!” he said. “Never give up and one day you’ll be number one!” he calmed me down.
I will never forget the lesson he’s taught me. Faith and persistence in every step you do.

What do we know about Aesop’s fables?

The Beggar

in the mountainsIt was the last summer holiday when my family and I were camping near a spring on a hillside in Pirin. That day the weather was sunny and pleasant and I enjoyed it a lot. In the evening something strange happened. We were sitting in front of the tents, my brother was playing with our friends’ children, I was playing the guitar, mum and dad were chatting with their friends, when suddenly a man, who was dressed like a beggar, appeared out of nothing. My parents rushed upon him as he was hardly gasping out a word. He explained he had been chased by a group of young people but didn’t tell the reason of it. If only I could find some excuse for their behaviour? When I first saw the man I thought he was going to call us bad names, and maybe he was a tyrant but the truth of course was different. And I’ve learnt a very precious lesson not to judge people by their clothes.

Team 3

The Vampire’s Heart!

vaprire's heartI was hiking in the mountain when I saw a girl drinking water at a spring on a hill side. “If only I could find some excuse to speak to her,” I thought. I took the courage to come up to her and sit near the spring. When I looked at her I understood she was a vampire. I got scared at first, some crazy thoughts came up into my mind; I thought she would call me bad names and behave like a tyrant but nothing of this happened. I rushed upon her and started talking using nice and polite words. She hardly gasped a word out and apologized for her mood. My heart was melting and I decided to hug this miserable creature. She burst into tears and said that nobody had been so nice to her before. What I’ve learnt is that people might become evil because of someone’s bad attitude to them but they are mild at heart what the vampire girl’s case was.

Team 4

Friendship & Quarrelling

Friendship and Quarrelling

friendship and quarrelling


I had a bad day today as I quarreled with my best friend. She called me bad names and I got angry. To clear my mind I decided to go for a walk and took my dog Rex. My town is in the skirts of Golo Bardo Mountain so I took the path to a spring on a hill-side. I needed time to think it over and find a way to make it out. Only if I could find some excuse for her behavior, sometimes she is a real tyrant. I’m a peaceful person, I don’t like quarrelling with people and I really want to get along with her because I believe it’s the right way to communicate with others.

Team 2

The Wolf and the Lamb

the wolf and the lambOnce upon a time a Wolf was lapping at a spring on a hillside, when, looking up, what should he see but a Lamb just beginning to drink a little lower down. ‘There’s my supper,’ thought he, ‘if only I can find some excuse to seize it.’ Then he called out to the Lamb, ‘How dare you muddle the water from which I am drinking?’ ‘Nay, master, nay,’ said Lambkin; ‘if the water be muddy up there, I cannot be the cause of it, for it runs down from you to me.’

‘Well, then,’ said the Wolf, ‘why did you call me bad names this time last year?’

‘That cannot be,’ said the Lamb; ‘I am only six months old.’

‘I don’t care,’ snarled the Wolf; ‘if it was not you it was your father;’ and with that he rushed upon the poor little Lamb and ‘WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA ‘ate her all up. But before she died she gasped out.

 ’ Any excuse will serve a tyrant.’

Note: The story’s been taken from the eBook  Aesop’s Fables  designed and published by Planet PDF and it is a free resource.

The image’s been taken from deviantART.

Aesop and his Fables

aesopAesop was an Ancient Greek story-teller. He lived between 620 – 564 BC. His stories were gathered across centuries, translated in many languages and the storytelling tradition continues today. Many of the fables are characterized by animals or inanimate objects that speak, solve problems, and generally have human characteristics.

Aesop’s celebrated collection of fables has always been popular with both adults and children. These simple tales embody truths so powerful, the titles of each fable have entered the languages and idioms of most European tongues.

For people with wide opened ears and eyes there is always a moral.