Friendship and Quarrelling

friendship and quarrelling


I had a bad day today as I quarreled with my best friend. She called me bad names and I got angry. To clear my mind I decided to go for a walk and took my dog Rex. My town is in the skirts of Golo Bardo Mountain so I took the path to a spring on a hill-side. I needed time to think it over and find a way to make it out. Only if I could find some excuse for her behavior, sometimes she is a real tyrant. I’m a peaceful person, I don’t like quarrelling with people and I really want to get along with her because I believe it’s the right way to communicate with others.

Team 2

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  1. katerinaivanova says:

    Great job, Team 2! I agree with your point of view. It’s hard sometimes when you quarrel with someone, especially a friend or a family member. We need our strength, courage and inner spirit to calm down, think the situation over and make things out. You show you are grown-up young people. I also think that getting along with the others is the right way to communicate. Congratulations!


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