in the mountainsIt was the last summer holiday when my family and I were camping near a spring on a hillside in Pirin. That day the weather was sunny and pleasant and I enjoyed it a lot. In the evening something strange happened. We were sitting in front of the tents, my brother was playing with our friends’ children, I was playing the guitar, mum and dad were chatting with their friends, when suddenly a man, who was dressed like a beggar, appeared out of nothing. My parents rushed upon him as he was hardly gasping out a word. He explained he had been chased by a group of young people but didn’t tell the reason of it. If only I could find some excuse for their behaviour? When I first saw the man I thought he was going to call us bad names, and maybe he was a tyrant but the truth of course was different. And I’ve learnt a very precious lesson not to judge people by their clothes.

Team 3

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