vaprire's heartI was hiking in the mountain when I saw a girl drinking water at a spring on a hill side. “If only I could find some excuse to speak to her,” I thought. I took the courage to come up to her and sit near the spring. When I looked at her I understood she was a vampire. I got scared at first, some crazy thoughts came up into my mind; I thought she would call me bad names and behave like a tyrant but nothing of this happened. I rushed upon her and started talking using nice and polite words. She hardly gasped a word out and apologized for her mood. My heart was melting and I decided to hug this miserable creature. She burst into tears and said that nobody had been so nice to her before. What I’ve learnt is that people might become evil because of someone’s bad attitude to them but they are mild at heart what the vampire girl’s case was.

Team 4

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